How to recover a Temporary Mail?

How to recover a Temporary Mail?
Published in : 14 Jan 2023

How to recover a Temporary Mail?

Its too easy to recover a temp mail .Temp mail recover possible in Just browse . Click on change . Now scroll down and you see 2 textbox.first select similar domain then input same put same to same name on textbox . Click to change . Done your temp mail is recover
example: [email protected] is your lost temp mail address.after your work you delete it,or you are unable to access on it


.now you need to recover it.just click on change 

scroll down and you see  domains select option and a textbox. just select domain from domains.

now on textbox write same to same name.

text example : importentmail

now click on change email.

done youe email is can use it again.


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